Why Should M&A Attorneys, Accountants and Investment Bankers
Recommend PMI Advisors?

Over 70% of M&A Deals Fail, with Inadequate Integration Being a Primary Cause.
M&A professionals and lenders have vested interests in the success of their clients' deals.

Services offered via Fixed-Price Packages or Flexible Support Services

M&A professionals working with Sellers and Buyers are very interested in the success of their clients' deals.  The first 100 days post-closing are critical for their clients' realization of the synergies foreseen in pursuing the transaction in the first place. 

Investment Bankers / M&A Intermediaries

On the sell-side, these parties typically withdraw from the picture once a deal is signed and the congratulatory deal-closing dinner held. They tend to move on to the next deal. Unfortunately, with the high failure rate of M&A deals, it would be in their best interests to remain involved, at least through the initial phase of the merger integration.

Since M&A transactions seldom result in all-cash deals for Sellers, due to various types of escrow, earn-out, Seller notes, contingency or claw-back provisions, PMI Advisors can help assure that “their clients' deals don’t go bad”. Of course on the buy-side, intermediaries are rightly concerned about the success of their deals, so that their clients will have continued success.

Attorneys / Accountants

It's essential for these trusted advisory professionals to understand their clients' businesses, as well as the strategic goals behind their clients’ transactions. Attorneys and accountants need to have the ability to understand the goals and motivations of not only their clients but all the other parties to the M&A transactions. By recommending PMI Advisors services, especially for the critical first 100 days, these professionals are helping to bolster the management skills of the acquiring organization to help assure the success of the acquisitions and their clients' long-term growth.


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