Project:100 Days™
Integration Consulting Methodology

We Help Create, Protect and Optimize Enterprise Value.™

We Help Solve The Executives' M&A Integration Challenges

One may view our services as "M&A Deal Insurance" to increase the probability of success.  After spending months of time and effort, along with incurring significant transaction-related expenses to get deals done, we help the acquiring companies' Executive Management to:

  • Maintain focus on the integration effort after the deal is signed and the celebration dinner is over.
  • Recognize the skills, costs, and effort required to integrate two businesses.
  • Take immediate steps to retain key personnel in both organizations.
  • Proactively reassure customers of the acquired company.
  • Provide additional resources to address the "people issues" and "technology challenges".
  • Deal with both the current business and the newly acquired operations.
  • Not overload their management teams, inexperienced in M&A, who have full-time, daily responsibilities

Our professionals bring extensive M&A experience to assist Executive Management, especially during the critical first 100 days post-closing.

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Project:100 Days™

Our Project:100 Days™ consulting methodology, offered at a fixed-fee starting at $50,000, is based upon the proven project management approach of identification, assignment, and coordination.  We will help identify, plan, manage and realize the deal synergies that prompted the pursuit of the deal in the first place. Using our approach, our clients can drastically reduce the number of overlooked tasks and the resulting complications that could hinder success.

          Executive Briefing - $2,500 (1 week)
          Get Ready for Day 1 - $7,500 (1-3 weeks)
          Plan First 100 Days - $25,000 (2-4 weeks)
          Integration Coordination - $15,000 (8-10 weeks)

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Project:100 Days Methodology Overview

The management of the first 100 days of an M&A integration project is critical, in that the success or failure of the deal is heavily dependent upon actions taken during this brief time period.  Our goal is to assist our clients with the professional expertise and management tools that are essential to successfully recognizing the value of  their deals.

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Executive Strategy Briefing

$2,500 (1 week)

We will facilitate a 2-4 hour onsite Executive Integration Strategy Briefing to help the acquirer's senior management team put the puzzle pieces together for the pending integration project. This is the first step in our proven Project: 100 Days™ methodology. The session agenda will be tailored to meet our client's needs.

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Getting Ready for Day 1

$7,500 (1-2 weeks)

We work with our client's team to identify and manage the numerous tasks that must be addressed across the organization to be ready for Day 1.  Our Integration Checklist 500™, which includes over 500 merger integration tasks, has a subset of Day 1 preparation tasks. 

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First 100 Days Planning Workshops

$25,000 (2-4 weeks)

Ideally, the post merger integration plan will be developed prior to deal closing, but from a practical matter, this process may not begin in earnest until after closing due to confidentiality or regulatory concerns.  A series of joint workshops are held with functional department members of both organizations.

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Integration Coordination

$15,000 (8-10 weeks)

Weekly coordination meetings attended by representatives of the Project Team are essential in maintaining the communication channels established during the schedule development.  Procedures are established for obtaining information and approvals at all levels.  Integration Status Summary reports are submitted to Executive Management.

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