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Our PMIA Merger Integration Checklist 500® is normally included as part of our Post Merger Integration Consulting Services.  However, due to recent demand, we are making it available as a separate item.

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PMIA Merger Integration Checklist 500®

It takes a considerable time investment to develop an integration task listing.  Our Post Merger Integration Checklist, drawn from numerous transactions, highlights the key elements in the M&A integration process.

Our Post Merger Integration Checklist has been developed from involvement in a number of transactions, as well as information assembled from a variety of sources and other subject matter experts. Of course, all of the tasks may not be applicable to your situation, depending on if the transaction is a stock purchase, asset purchase, private company, public company, etc.

As part of our consulting services, to assure that no critical post-merger integration tasks are overlooked, our professionals will review each activity on our comprehensive checklist with your team members to assist in developing your detailed action item plan and schedule. As always, the task list will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Organized by Funcpost merger integration checklisttional Department

Many integration tasks can seem simple when thinking of them off-hand, but in order to maintain a cohesive body with balanced progress across the board, detailed planning is a must. Companies that have not planned ahead, utilizing experienced knowledge, often run into unforeseen obstacles along the way, costing them time and money.

For most integrations, these plans will be organized primarily by function, with tasks broken out by departmental or functional area:

-- Finance                                                -- Services

-- Accounting                                          -- Information Technology

-- Human Resources                             -- Marketing

-- Property                                               -- Sales

-- Facilities                                              -- Legal

-- Operations                                          -- Insurance


Value of Integration Checklists

Post merger integrations, involving hundreds of individual tasks and action items, are complex and important drivers in determining the overall success of an acquisition transaction. The acquiring company must approach integration thoughtfully and in an organized manner.

Checklists serve a few purposes which sometimes escape our conscious thought as we barrel along on our day-to-day rat race. Ideally, an efficient checklist will help in limiting the rate of failure, compensating for our natural limits in memory and attention. A checklist provides a general guide to organizing the process and highlights some of the key areas where the acquirer should focus its integration efforts. The checklist is not intended to represent a comprehensive integration plan.

Integrations vary by company and depend on the strategic goals of the business, the structure of the transaction and industry in which the companies operate.

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