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Dan Bradbary - PMP, PE, MBA, BCE

Founder - Managing Partner
P: 800-816-9630 x 701


For over 35 years, Mr. Bradbary has been able to assist in guiding the evolution of the acceptance of project management as a common sense approach to fulfilling the needs of business and is a specialist in the implementation of management control systems. As a serial entrepreneur, he has applied the concepts and fundamentals of project management to numerous industries including M&A, Corporate, BioTech/Pharma, Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Financial Services.

He is an accomplished speaker and instructor and has authored numerous articles for various industry and trade publications. His book, Herding Chickens: Innovative Techniques for Project Management (Wiley & Sons), written in 2005 after selling Project Management Services, draws upon many "in the trench" experiences and is a light-hearted and informative look at managing people and complex projects.

He launched PMI Advisors, LLC to assist mid-market companies with their M&A efforts. Prior to PMI Advisors, he was the Founder and Owner of V-Rooms™ Virtual Data Rooms (sold in 2015), a company that provided secure online document exchange services for thousands of M&A transactions over its 10-year history.  Before V-Rooms, he was an investor and officer of several BioTech/Pharma start-up companies.  Earlier, he was the Founder and Owner of Project Management Services, Inc. (sold in 2003) which over a 15-year period grew to a 150-person consulting firm that provided management professionals and systems to assist Fortune 100 companies with their M&A and other special projects, such as assisting many corporate sponsors preparing for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games with a project deadline that could not be missed!


MBA - Georgia State University
BS Civil Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology
Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), (Ret.)
Registered Professional Engineer, State of Georgia, (Ret.)
Certificate in Exit Planning - Exit Planning Institute


PMI ADVISORS, LLC - Founder - Managing Partner

Recognizing the under-served needs of mid-market companies for assistance with M&A activities, Dan Bradbary founded PMI Advisors, LLC.  While acquiring and integrating new acquisitions, company management must juggle strategy, organization, staffing, systems, and culture, on top of keeping the day-to-day business performing.  A nationwide team of integration professionals is available to assist on a part-time/full-time basis to assist, especially during the critical first 100 days.

Not all clients want or need dedicated post-merger integration support. Therefore, a full range of part-time/full-time services and resources are provided for integration projects. The professionals are very experienced, with deep M&A, functional, and executive management backgrounds, often in numerous industries. This means that these professionals bring the multi-faceted perspective that comes from extensive direct client-side leadership, acquisition program experience, and experience as third-party Managers to provide:

Due Diligence Assistance
Project:100 Days™ Methodology
Workstream Leadership Services
M&A Integration Playbooks
Carve-Out & Divestiture Assistance

V-ROOMS® Virtual Data Rooms - Founder and CEO (Sold - 2015)

Mr. Bradbary founded V-Rooms in 2009, as one of the initial providers of virtual data room services.  The idea was to bring this service to mid-market transactions with an affordable subscription pricing structure.  The company’s proprietary cloud-based, virtual room internet technology is utilized by numerous investment bankers, accountants, attorneys and M&A specialists to manage the review of potentially thousands of due diligence documents associated with a transaction. Many of the virtual data rooms that were set up during the due diligence and deal negotiation phases remained intact for the subsequent merger integration phase.  With confidentiality and security a major concern, these secure data rooms provided a central repository for sensitive information relative to Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Finance, and Operations.

For 10 years, V-Rooms provided secure document exchange services for thousands of transactions in the M&A and capital raising spaces. Mr. Bradbary sold Due Diligence Online, LLC (d/b/a V-Rooms) in 2015.

BioTech/Pharma Start-Ups – Investor and Consultant

Over a period of 5 years, Mr. Bradbary invested in over 10 early-stage biotech/medical companies. After investing, he would take an active role in setting up the project management controls, in essence, a Project Management Office (PMO), necessary to manage the drug development through the pre-clinical stages and the subsequent FDA Phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical trials.  Mr. Bradbary would then conduct coordination meetings to assure that the schedule and cost aspects remained on track.

Typically, these companies had numerous medical professionals on board, but they lacked the management and business skills needed to run a successful company.  Mr. Bradbary was able to supplement the business acumen needed to make these companies successful.

Project Management Services, Inc. - Founder and CEO (Sold – 2003)

Project Management Services, Inc. (PMSI), provided management professionals and systems to assist Fortune 100 companies with their post-merger integration and other special projects.  As an example of the types of project involvements, PMSI provided services to numerous 1996 Atlanta Olympics corporate sponsors who were providing "services in kind" for their $40 million sponsorship arrangement.  The completion of the projects was very schedule sensitive. Of course, the opening day of the Olympics was a project deadline that could not be missed!

PMSI grew to a 150-person consulting firm with 5 offices over a 12-year period.  Mr. Bradbary sold PMSI in 2003.  Example projects included:

Delta Air Lines, Inc. - Airport 21
To deploy new computer systems involving tens of thousands of PC's, printers and other peripherals to over one hundred airports throughout North America.

IBM - Mercedes-Benz AAV Information Technology Project, Vance, AL
To assist in the coordination of the software development and hardware deployment in support of the All Activity Vehicle Information Technology Project.

Oglethorpe Power Corporation - Energy Control System
To manage the design, installation and start-up logistics of a state-wide $30 million control system involving over 500 locations connected via a telecommunication network backbone to a new master computer station.

Motorola - RF Communication System
To deploy a radio frequency communication system at a cost in excess of $40 million, involving over twenty sites for private utilization by 10,000 security, operations and volunteer personnel associated with the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

BellSouth Telecommunications - Document and Information Access System
To implement a corporate-wide system for the electronic access of numerous volumes of technical and vendor supplied documentation, in addition to over 5,600 printed forms currently used by various departments and subsidiaries.

MediaOne, Inc. (a division of US West) - Communication Equipment Buildings
To manage the fast-track design, construction and start-up of major equipment buildings as part of a 12,000-mile fiber optic cable upgrade for the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Digital Equipment - Centralized Customer Support Center
To consolidate customer support center operations with a staff of 1,400 and extensive computer systems, with the transition being "totally transparent to the customer base".


GLOBAL DEAL MARKET, LLC - Founder and CEO - An online database of companies for sale, primarily directed to Family Office acquirers.

FACILITY RELOCATIONS, INC. - Founder and CEO - Providing relocation/consolidation of facilities, which in many instances were associated with M&A transactions.

AVIATION FACILITIES GROUP, INC. - Founder and CEO - Facility management services focused on serving the airline industry.

BRADBARY & COMPANY – Founder and CEO – Management Consulting firm working with construction companies for schedule and cost control functions.

STRATTON & COMPANY - Director of Operations - General contractor focused on serving the needs of the industrial and aviation industries.

THE CADRE CORPORATION - Manager of Project Operations - Diversified engineering firm offering turnkey capabilities for high technology R&D and heavy industrial projects.

SOUTHERN INDUSTRIAL BUILDERS – Project Manager – General contractor involved in numerous industrial projects in the SE United States.


  • Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)
  • Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI); (Past President, Georgia Chapter)
  • Institute of Management Consultants (IMC)
  • The Exit Planning Institute (EPI)
  • International Development Research Council (IDRC)
  • Turnaround Management Association (TMA)
  • American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI)
  • National Association of Investment Bankers (NIBA)
  • International Facilities Management Association (IFMA)
  • National Society of Professional Engineers
  • International Society of Strategic Management & Planning
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