Summary Profile

Andrew - BS

Managing Director

Washington DC


Andrew is a strategy, marketing, and transformational leader with a 25-year record in telecommunications and management consulting industries.  He spent 15-years with MCI and Verizon in both the consumer and enterprise operating units, with leadership roles in marketing, corporate strategy, business policy, compliance, and global enterprise sales strategy.  Andrew supported a number of post-merger integrations projects, as well as all marketing compliance activities during the WorldCom bankruptcy.  Andrew represented his business unit on a team to gain the regulatory support of the merger of Sprint and Verizon, as well as of post-merger integration efforts with Verizon.

Andrew’s record of driving transformational change at Verizon led directly to invitations to work with Cerberus Capital Management on a number of large buy-side due diligence engagements.  Key responsibilities include interviewing key executive management teams of the target, as well as managing investment bankers, legal resources, staffing specialists and third-party analysts to determine operational enhancement opportunities.  He developed an executable 5-year restructuring business plan to feed into the investment thesis and to guide ongoing business operations if the acquisition effort was successful.

Andrew recently supported Accenture to stand up a big data marketing optimization business unit for a leading wireless carrier.


Bachelor of Science - East Carolina University

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