Herding Chickens:
Innovative Techniques for Project Management

Published by Wiley/Cybex/Harbor Light Press



Get The Straight Scoop On Project Management--Ingenious Strategies That Work!

Have you studied the traditional processes of project management, only to discover that in reality they fall short? Are you done with the idealistic theories of how things should function and eager to apply some street-smart tactics that tackle the real problems like egos, cliques, and squabbles?

Welcome to the fine art of Herding Chickens--unconventional, innovative techniques for successful project management. Inside, the authors divulge expert approaches to getting a disparate project team moving in one direction. In their engaging style, they'll show you novel ways to boost efficiency, eliminate chaos, and ultimately complete your project on time, within budget.

A fun and irreverent collection of the most useful tips, tricks, and concrete solutions for managing people and projects.

Herding Chickens describes how to:

  • Inspire, motivate, and herd your project team--no matter how dysfunctional it is
  • Look ahead to keep from falling behind
  • Read, deal with, and charm all types of people
  • Navigate the corporate jungle with finesse
  • Control all aspects of a meeting, from the time waster to the loudmouth
  • Use technology to enhance organization and communication

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Herding Chickens: Innovative Techniques for Project Management. - Author Dan Bradbary

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