Project management expertise for the critical first 100 days.


The successful Integration of the Information Technology function is frequently one of the highest priorities and potentially one of the most expensive and complex to execute.  In part, this is because IT integration usually provides significant IT cost reduction and operational benefits and is also a key enabler of M&A benefits across many other functional areas.  In recognition of this PMI Advisors offers IT integration services in addition to our Project:100 Days™ integration methodology and other service offerings.  We offer pre- deal closing support to help ensure a successful day one and that IT due diligence outcomes will provide the IT vision and program support expectations required to launch implementation….. and post-closing program planning and execution services help drive successful integration outcomes.

IT Integration Services

As a part of our integration services, we will assist on key elements of program development and execution:

  • The development of work plans
  • Establish a prioritized roadmap
  • Vet the business case and synergy assumptions
  • Establish a project team structure
  • Plan execution and benefits capture tracking

Focus on Key Success Factors

  • Ensure IT strategy and execution stays focused on deal  business intent- One of the frequent mistakes is to allow acquisition integration program scope to expand and become a catch-all for lower priority or unrelated improvements
  • Speed over elegance- Successful integration efforts require quick sometimes “good enough” decision making, the jettison of all noncritical tasks, front-end loading of benefits,  and continued focus on the most significant business case or synergy elements.
  • Maintain core business continuity / no material disruption- IT integration planning and execution work should not be allowed to jeopardize day-to-day operations or result in disruptions that impact the business in any material or unplanned way.
  • Target more synergies than you need – Regardless of how focused you in pursuing planned IT benefits, you need to expect leakage and have cost contingencies in reserve. Your business case should consider these factors.
  • Senior management engagement and ownership -  IT is a support function and actions frequently require support and sign off by various senior business partners. Without sustained senior management commitment to the importance of the integration effort, along with the engagement needed to drive prompt decision making and secure resources when needed, most integration will fail at some level.

Future State IT Function

Based on the overall acquisition or merger strategy, our clients typically implement one of four general models for a future state IT function.  However, there is no cookie cutter optimal solution. For example, frequently there are logical transitional phases toward an end-state strategy.  PMI Advisors can help you determine and get on the path to execute the best end-state model, enhanced to capture unique client opportunities

Our experience with each model translates to less risk and faster execution for our clients.  . We can do this across all work streams of an IT integration program including but not limited to:

  • Pre-deal open project portfolio rationalization
  • IT contracts review
  • Infrastructure and mobile environment
  • Business application rationalization and consolidation
  • IT organization and customer support structure
  • IT administration and leadership
  • IT third party outsourcing or offshoring
  • Enterprise acquisition program project portfolio



The PMI Advisors IT integration service offering  is the right choice for many companies.  Unlike many service providers all our associates are very experienced, with both a deep M&A and executive management backgrounds, often in numerous function and industry arenas. This means, unlike many consulting companies, our associates frequently have extensive acquisition program experience in the industry side  leadership roles in addition to experience as consultants.    They understand the real-world pressures managers often face, the complexities of business environments…. as well as the art of the possible.   We do not push the staffing pyramid model where customers are expected to pay for inexperienced staff to get senior experienced talent on their account… or conversely pay for senior personnel who only make cameo appearances.  Our experienced associates and our IT integration program approach translates to greatly reduced risk, accelerated synergy and business case capture , all this with a significantly smaller third party price tag !









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