Why Should Lenders Require Their
Clients Hire PMI Advisors?

Over 70% of M&A Deals Fail, with Inadequate Integration Being a Primary Cause.
Banks and Lenders have vested interests in the success of their clients' deals.

Actions taken during the first 100 days are critical for Lenders Buyer-Clients' abilities to make future loan payments.

"An M&A Deal Insurance Policy"

The first 100 days post-closing are critical for their buyer-clients' realization of the synergies foreseen in pursuing the transaction in the first place. View PMIA's services as an "insurance policy" to increase the probability of success and the resulting ability to make debt payments. deals.

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Future Payment Assurance Package

($25k paid by Buyer at closing per Lender's requirement)

Lenders and Bankers

It goes without saying, but lenders and bankers have vested interests in the success of their clients’ M&A transactions.  Lenders provide a variety of debt structures including senior loans, subordinated debt, mezzanine debt, lines of credit, or a variety of alternative lending options.

These types of debt are heavily dependent upon the buyers’ projections and the ability to perform in the future.  By including PMIA's services in the transaction costs, lenders are assuring the probability of the receipt of future payments as a result of a successful integration. Lenders may view our services as "insurance policies” reducing their risks associated with M&A deals.

By including our "Future Payment Assurance Package - paid by Buyer"  on the transaction closing statement as a form of “deal insurance”, Lenders increase the probability of the receipt of future payments. 

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