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M&A Integration

Below is a collection of articles, papers, and studies that provide an informational background on merger integration services.  The need for assistance in this area is well documented for transactions in excess of $1 billion. Those deals are typically served by the large consulting firms.  We provide this critical service for mid-market companies, often for deal values under $100 million, where the consequences of failed M&A deals can be much greater than the consequences of failed deals for major corporations.

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Post-Merger Integration. The Need for Speed

Dan Bradbary - Managing Partner - PMI Advisors, LLC

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Harvard Business Review

The Big Idea: The New M&A Playbook - Article guides executives in integrating acquisitions to avoid the 70% to 90% failure rate.

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McKinsey & Company

Perspectives on Merger Integration - Building integration capabilities requires a new approach to managing the deal.

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PE Hub Network

Portfolio Company Add-Ons - Highlights the need for early Pre-Close Planning as a part of due diligence

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Merger Integration Survey - 80% of respondents said they would speed up the pace of integration for their next deal.

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The 10 steps to successful M&A Integration - Tailor integration to identify value, keep the right people and focus on critical decisions.

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2017 M&A Integration Survey - Survey shows companies are bringing their integration teams into the M&A process sooner than ever.

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Why Half of All M&A Deals Fail - The consequences of a bad deal are greater for mid-market companies than for big corporations.

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Merrill Datasite

Best Practices of the Best Dealmakers 2015 - Strategies and Issues for the Day After Closing

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Deal Law Wire

The Importance of Post Merger Integration - This article highlights five key takeaways for post-merger integration success

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Herding Chickens: Innovative Techniques for Project Management 

 Publisher:  Wiley/Sybex/Harbor Light Press

Note from the author:  Dan Bradbary

I wrote this book in 2005, after selling my project management consulting company, when a publisher approached me with the idea.  I said that it would be a book written in a humorous tone, hence the title "Herding Chickens" and contain many "in-the-trench war stories" from managing projects and people.  Hopefully, you will pick up a few ideas and get a couple of chuckles along the way.  It’s basically Project Management 101.

Prior to launching PMI Advisors in 2017, I was the Founder and CEO of V-Rooms™ Virtual Data Rooms, a company that provided secure online document exchange services for thousands of M&A transactions over its 10-year history. I sold V-Rooms in 2015.

Before V-Rooms, I owned Project Management Services, Inc., which over a 12 year period grew to a 150-person consulting firm that provided management professionals and systems to assist Fortune 100 companies with their post-merger integration and other special projects. For instance, we assisted many corporate sponsors for years preparing for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games with a project deadline that could not be missed!

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