Supply Chain and Operations Integration

Leverage our professionals' expertise

in optimizing processes

and reducing costs to achieve financial synergies

and improve customer service.

Driving consolidation and efficiency throughout the value chain

The concept of synergies states that the sum should be larger than its parts. In other words, two organizations together should be worth more than the value of each entity separately.  Reducing costs and optimizing the flow of goods and services across the supply chain of the combined enterprise are frequently some of the largest sources of synergies in a merger or acquisition.


In M&A transactions, the leaders of your Operations and Supply Chain functions – Production / Manufacturing, Sourcing, Purchasing, Distribution and Logistics, and often Customer Service - have a tall order.  They are responsible for integrating and optimizing the flow of goods and services from the front of the house to the back, and into the hands of your customers, across two complex organizations.  This involves consolidating facilities, processes, suppliers, and systems spanning the combined enterprise.  Done successfully, the result is improved cost, quality and customer satisfaction that help you create a competitive advantage.

Typical sources of Operations and Supply Chain synergies that PMI Advisors can help your organization realize:

  • Manufacturing and distribution footprint consolidation
  • Duplicate function elimination
  • Fixed asset reduction and improved working capital
  • Reduction of labor, administrative and factory overheads
  • Inventory optimization
  • Capacity utilization improvement and insourcing/outsourcing balancing
  • Supply base rightsizing and performance improvement
  • Increased purchasing power and economies of scale with suppliers and customers
  • Greater leverage and COGS reduction opportunity on direct and indirect strategic sourcing spend categories
  • Lower costs and better terms through renegotiation of contracts and leases
  • Product, service offering, and SKU rationalization
  • Collective increase in production and manufacturing technology capabilities
  • Reduced lead times and fulfillment SLAs through order management workflow, process efficiencies and optimized distribution network
  • Improved quality and reduced risk

PMI Advisors provides access to Operations, Supply Chain, and other functional experts experienced in merging complex organizations and operating the business efficiently.  Significantly reduce the pressure on your executive management team and disruption to working-level staff by entrusting us with leading your key M&A workstreams and delivering on projected synergies.

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