The Exit Planning Institute is pleased to present a member of EPI's Alliance Partner Network: PMI Advisors (PMI), a firm working alongside wealth advisors, investment bankers, accounting firms, legal firms, and others to help retiring Baby Boomer Business-Owners prepare their companies for sale, while assisting in operational improvements along the way.

Their Deal Readiness® Methodology fits into value acceleration, how their team works with advisors like you to drive immediate business improvements that can ensure a successful sale and showcases unique areas of specialty (including operations, technology, human resources, manufacturing and marketing to name a few) that complement your advisory services.

Exit planning fails when advisors think from a siloed perspective. But on the other hand, one single advisor cannot specialize in every component that goes into creating rapid value growth and effective exit strategy. Jack of all trades, master of none, right? That’s where the Exit Solutions Partner Network can help.

Unique to the EPI network, PMI stays strictly focused on business operations. Positioned to augment you as the trusted advisor (not displace), PMI drives enterprise improvements that prep the business for a successful sale while looking to the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) managing the engagement to lead the personal, wealth, and financial vision for the owner. Knowing that advanced enterprise operational knowledge and expertise can be challenging, PMI employs 40 team members and experts across a wide spectrum of business functional areas.

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